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PEOPLE TRADES AND TOOLS - Director, cameraman and editor
A series of artistic documentaries about disappearing crafts, started togheter with Nic Lengher.
First episodes presented at EUREKA SCREENING 1998. "The Blacksmiths" won The Hungarian Cultural Centre Prize at FILM.DOK. "The Potter From Binis" was the best ethnographic film at Eco-Etno-Folk 2007. Selections for ASTRA FILM Festival, BELGRADE International Festival of Ethnological Film and TDF Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

A documentary series of travel-type films, directed by Florin Iepan, discovering Romania's beauties and contradictions through the eyes of an American traveller (14 episodes). Broadcasted by TVR1

SEVEN STORIES FROM BEYOND - Cameraman, editor and first assistant director
A docudrama in 7 parts, directed by Florin Iepan, that takes us deep into the Romania paranormality and romanian folkloric beliefs. Produced for MEDIAFAX TELEVISION.

THE ISLAND - Director, cameraman and editor
A cinematographic essay about the restoration of the baroc monument of The Holy Trinity from Timisoara, codirected with Nicolae Lengher. The film participated at the International Tourist Film Festival Milan - FILMONDO 1995 and FILM-TV Costinesti

AS IN HEAVEN, SO ON EARTH - Director, cameraman and editor
A film about the old wooden churches from the region of Banat. Nomination for the APTR Prizes 1996, Grand Prize of the International Touristic and Industrial Film Festival - TourIndFilm 1997

IOSU - Director and cameraman
The story of a child who was kept isolated for 19 years in a wood barn. He has never been taught how to talk. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Market 1999 and broadcasted by Realitatea TV. Codirected with Florin Iepan

RADIO JEBEL - Photography
Directed by Florin Iepan - A radio station in the Menthal Healthcare Hospital where the staff is made of the hospital's pacients. The Prize of the British Council for the Best Romanian Documentary at the ASTRA FILM Festival Sibiu 1998, Special Prize of the Jury and Best Photography Award at TeleVest

THE WOLVES' HAMLET - Photography
Directed by Florin Iepan - The fabulous world of a remote mountain village dominated by superstitions. Best Photography Award and Special Prize of the Jury at TeleVest 1998, selected for the DaKINO International Film Festival 1997, broadcasted by Realitatea TV

A film directed by Nic Lengher - The memories of a countryside projectionist, who used to screen movies on 16mm, and is revolted by violence in today's films, Selected for the DaKINO International Film Festival 1997, broadcasted by Realitatea TV

PUBI AND FIAMETA - Photography
The tragic story of the last count Teleki - a world destroyed forever by the comunist regime. Special Prize of the Jury and Best Photography Award at TeleVest 1998. Directed by Marius Bucur.

A film, directed by Gratian Jude for TVR Timisoara, displaying the atmosphere around miners who strike because they did not get their wages for a couple of months. It speaks in an ironical way of the Romanian society and its rulers. The Special Commendation of the CIRCOM - European Association of Regional Televisions

A documentary about the little known drama of the Germans, Hungarians, Serbs and Romanians from Banat, who were deported to the Baragan. Broadcasted by TVR1 as an episode of the famous series "Memorial to Pain". Directed by Iosif Costinas

JEWISH LIFE IN TIMISOARA - Cameraman and editor
A film by Iosif Costinas - More than a simple history of a community. The Special Prize of the Jury and Best Photography Award at TeleVest, participated at EUREKA SCREENING 1998

A short film directed by Iosif Costinas and inspired from "funny" newspaper adds and news. Pilot episode for a future TV series

HEY TRAMCAR - Cameraman and editor
Documentary-style advertising film directed by Nic Lengher for RATT at the anniversary of 125 years from the first horse-trams in Timisoara.

TIMIS COUNTY - Cameraman and editor
First presentation film of the Timis County, directed by Nic Lengher


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